Ukranian children to join Back to Learning Together

A joint initiative between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and UNICEF, with the support of the First Lady, was launched to promote the education of children within the restrictions and challenges imposed by the war.

Back to Learning Together aims to protect the right of every child to pursue an education, even during times of the conflict. The programme uses three means of providing learning opportunities to children – in the classroom where it is deemed safe, remotely through online methods, and interacting with other children at community level. The first phase will support the 2022/2023 academic year, which resumes on 1 September.

“A return to learning next month will provide children in Ukraine not just with the chance to continue their studies, it will also provide a vital sense of normalcy during these turbulent times,” said UNICEF Representative Murat Sahin. “Whatever learning method a parent chooses, their child’s physical and mental wellbeing will be supported within a nurturing environment.”

Back to Learning Together has three main components:

  1. providing children and teachers with the tools and materials they need to access quality, safe and child-centred education;
  2. creating a safe learning environment by rehabilitating education facilities and bomb shelters in school;
  3. strengthening the resilience of children and their families, by helping them cope with adversity and improving their wellbeing.

UNICEF has been working on a nationwide campaign in support of the Ministry of Education and Science to provide 1,000 hub schools throughout the country with education supplies for more than 450,000 children. Schools will also receive shelter kits that include blankets, torches, first aid kits and hygiene kits.

To support online learning, UNICEF with partners will provide materials to assist educators in remote learning. This will be complimented by webinars and online tools for psychosocial support for teachers, children, and parents. More than 5,000 laptops were provided to teachers in affected regions over the summer to facilitate further online learning.

Safety instructions, lessons and working materials on explosive ordinance, recommendations on mental health and wellbeing, as well as materials on nutrition, hygiene, immunization for teachers and caregivers can be downloaded at

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