Helios’ education campus offers excellent opportunities

Completed in January 2021, Helios Education Foundation’s 65,000-square-foot education campus represents an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration among education partners, that will be an anchor for educational excellence in Arizona, in the USA. The Campus brings together key educational partners and community leaders to strengthen Helios’ core mission: to enrich the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education.

Located at 4747 N. 32nd Street in Phoenix, the Campus serves as a hub and main office facilities for Helios Education Foundation as well as College Success Arizona, Achieve60AZ, Expect More Arizona, and Teach for America – Phoenix. In addition, the Campus includes the Vince Roig Convening Center which provides the opportunity to host education-related events and convenings for up to 200 people.

“This Campus is intentionally designed to be a central gathering point to foster collaboration, inspire innovation and allow people to work side-by-side to create opportunities for all Arizona students,” said Vince Roig, Founding Chairman of Helios Education Foundation. “This is a place for Helios’ partners, including education organisations, policymakers and community leaders, to map out big ideas, long-term strategies and impactful investments to help break down barriers to a quality education.”

The collaborative efforts on the Campus will be focused on key education priorities, including:
* The accessibility of high-quality early learning environments.
* Equitable school funding and resources.
* Supporting high-quality teachers.
* The need for rigorous, high expectations, college-going curriculum.
* College and career preparedness and postsecondary degree attainment.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this collaborative effort to advance educational opportunities in Arizona, and we are grateful to Helios for its partnership to help ensure all children receive an excellent education,” said Katie Tennessen Hooten, Executive Director, Teach for America – Phoenix.

“Our community has some big goals and aspirations for education in Arizona and Helios is committed to helping achieve the goals,” said Paul J. Luna, President and CEO, Helios Education Foundation. “We hope this Campus will help us continue to collaborate in new and innovative ways to create a more equitable education system and increase student success.”

The Campus represents a long-term commitment to Arizona and is designed with an array of sustainable, energy-efficient and technologically advanced features. It also showcases artwork from Arizona and Florida based artists that reflects the richness and diversity of the two states the Foundation serves.

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