Kaplan’s Dr. Temte on effective leadership and a more fulfilling life

In times of chaos and uncertainty, steadfast and confident leadership is critical to the success of any organisation. Yet, in our world of social unrest, sharp divisions, pandemic and fear, people seek leaders who are also sensitive to ethnic and cultural differences, listen to their concerns, and demonstrate empathy. An expert on preparing future leaders, Dr. Andrew Temte, CFA, firmly believes: “The most important attribute of strong leadership is balance.”

In Balancing Act: Teach Coach Mentor Inspire, Dr. Temte shares candid insights and timely lessons about the balance needed to succeed as a leader.

“When I discuss my philosophy for balanced work, I’m really discussing a philosophy for a balanced life, of which work is one aspect,” says Temte, who spent years searching for balance. After failing to achieve his youthful ambitions of becoming a rock star, he denied himself the pleasure of music to focus squarely on building a career in finance and education. That lack of balance in his life left him deeply dissatisfied, which had a negative impact on both his work and his marriage. Today, Dr. Temte is a recognised leader in professional education and workforce reskilling and is also an active philanthropist through his rock band, The Remainders.

Along with looking back on the author’s search for balance, Balancing Act offers guidance for any leader seeking to improve personal and organisational performance. As Temte admits, however, such balance doesn’t come easily. “Too much vulnerability and you’re labelled a pushover…too much ego and you’re labelled as unapproachable,” he points out. Leaders today struggle for balance between:

  • Strength and vulnerability.
  • Confidence and selflessness.
  • Passion and measure.
  • Single-mindedness and inclusivity.
  • Determination and curiosity.
  • Leadership and followership.

Readers will learn how being off balance can render them unable to be open to considering other points of view. An unbalanced leader can become prone to making assumptions and taking people for granted, having a fixed mindset around certain aspects of their life, and being more focused on data and technical skills than on “human skills” like empathy, communication and emotional intelligence.

“Throughout our lives, we are thrown off-balance by events that are both within and outside our control,” Temte says. “I wrote this book in the hope that others will learn from my triumphs and failures. Those who can recover more rapidly from periods of imbalance will have an advantage over those who cannot.” Leaders who strive toward balance can more readily identify and curtail organisational entropy, facilitate a culture of trust, and foster diverse organisations and cultures that inspire everyone to bring their “whole self” to work.

We are all seeking opportunity, joy, and purpose. In Balancing Act, Dr. Andrew Temte shows current leaders and the generation rising into leadership how to create a commitment to teaching, coaching, mentoring, and inspiring those around them – and, in the process, improve business results while experiencing personal fulfilment.

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