US schools roll out iAuditor to monitor workplace safety

SafetyCulture, a platform for workplace safety and efficiency, is now making its commercial technology available across the USA to K-12 and higher education administrators, campuses and entire school districts. Its flagship app iAuditor will now be free of charge to K-12 schools.

As the USA grapples with the best way to safely manage the critical delivery of education, schools at all levels are individually exploring reopening plans and procedures. Adding to the challenge are inconsistent COVID-19-related safety guidelines, standards and compliance processes across the country.

SafetyCulture has built a reputation globally for helping industry leaders like Cathay Pacific, GE, IKEA and Waldorf Astoria to digitise and adhere to safety, cleanliness and quality protocols. The same technology used in these commercial and industrial settings is now available to help manage virus contamination in US schools.

“We’ve all seen pen and paper safety task and checklists on the backs of certain doors, but now think of that in digital form, and entirely oriented toward the shared goal of mitigating the risk of COVID-19 on school campuses nationwide,” said Randal Bassett, Superintendent of Schools, Fontana Unified School District, Fontana, California. “We are excited to partner with SafetyCulture to bring safety and process improvements to our school sites. We will be rolling out the iAuditor app to our 45 schools to help keep our 36,000 students and nearly four thousand staff safe from exposure while on campus. We expect to see other districts join us in making consistent and auditable safety a priority in all of our schools.”

With easy-to-use digital checklists and technology from SafetyCulture, those returning to school in person in the fall will benefit from consistent and easily-verifiable safety and cleaning protocols based on CDC guidelines. Administrators, teachers, parents and students will be able to view their school’s publicly available real-time data dashboard that shows the status of conditions and cleaning activities on the campus. Checklists and protocols can be modified to reflect the unique conditions and characteristics of each individual campus.

“Our technology has already helped some of the world’s largest companies get safely back to business in heavily hit industries like retail and hospitality. We’re now focused on helping schools meet the immense challenge of a safe return. Our business is armed with learnings from working with high-risk industries and we’re ready to put this experience to use to support the nation’s schools,” commented Bob Butler, General Manager, Americas, SafetyCulture.

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