ArbiterSports commits to Washington Interscholastic Activities Association

Athletic event management specialist ArbiterSports has signed a statewide agreement with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and the Washington Officials Association (WOA) to provide all 800 member schools with Arbiter’s scheduling and payment platform for games and events starting in autumn 2020.

The implementation of Arbiter across the state will standardize schedules and expedite daily electronic payments to officials for all games and events. Additionally, WIAA member schools will use Arbiter to share calendars, schedule events and facilities, and issue electronic payments and 1099s to event workers.

“The WIAA is committed to its member community, and we are proud to serve them,” said ArbiterSports President and CEO, Kyle Ford. “Implementing Arbiter statewide in Washington means the WIAA is helping schools save time, eliminate redundant data entry, and stay in compliance with federal and state law.”

As part of the partnership, ArbiterGame is available to member schools at no cost and will be the preferred tool used to gather scores and maintain game schedules. Centralizing schedules in Arbiter will ensure timely communication of changes and official assignments in a single, user-friendly platform.

“Joining forces with Arbiter is a win-win-win for the WIAA and every school, assigner, official and event worker across Washington state,” said WIAA Executive Director, Mick Hoffman. “We selected Arbiter because it’s a proven solution that will provide reliable schedules and score information while streamlining payments made to thousands of officials daily.”

Managing schedule changes in multiple systems and issuing paper checks is expensive and time-consuming for state associations and schools alike. Arbiter eliminates costly paper systems and makes it easy to issue daily electronic payments and accurate 1099s for officials statewide. Officials can check their payment status from their mobile devices and, oftentimes, receive payment within hours of event completion.

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