CBORD and Swipe Out Hunger collaborate on food insecurity

Educational technology company CBORD has formed a partnership with the nonprofit organisation Swipe Out Hunger end college student hunger.

Swipe Out Hunger works to promote, support and advise students, faculty and staff of best practices in developing a sustainable and impactful meal donation model. CBORD will serve as the technology partner, enabling students to donate unused meals from their meal plan to peers experiencing food insecurity on campus within the GET CBORD Student mobile application.

The Swipe Out Hunger model varies from campus to campus across its 85-partner network to meet the needs of each institution. CBORD-affiliated campuses with the GET CBORD Student platform will be better positioned with the built-in technology to easily launch meal donation programmes across their campuses.

“We’re very excited about this strategic partnership with Swipe Out Hunger,” said Jim Hoefflin, president of CBORD. “Our goal as a company is to transform the industries we serve and how our customers serve their patrons. We seek partnerships that promote positive contributions for our customers and the community.”

With one in three students experiencing food insecurity on college campuses today, the issue of student hunger pervades both public and private higher education institutions. CBORD is committed to combatting this growing issue on college campuses by providing a solution that enables their customers to launch or streamline meal donation programmes to help students in need.

“Our student-led movement ensures that students and administration are at the table in developing and designing anti-hunger programmes on their campus,” said Rachel Sumekh, CEO and founder of Swipe Out Hunger. “ This partnership with CBORD will eliminate a logistical challenge, helping students donate their extra dining hall swipes through this built-in technology solution. With this function being readily available to students, CBORD is helping campuses implement technology solutions and normalise the practice of adopting programmes that support student’s basic needs.”

Once students donate meals through the mobile app, donations will be pooled and distributed through each campus card system. As the leading nonprofit working to end food insecurity at colleges and universities, Swipe Out Hunger will work directly with those on the ground at CBORD-affiliated institutions to develop thoughtful and accessible programmes unique to each campus. Swipe Out Hunger will advise colleges on best practices as it relates to eligibility and distribution of swipes to students experiencing food insecurity.

“The power of this partnership extends well beyond simply creating awareness and generates real results,” said Jeff Wood, CBORD vice president of marketing and product. “Combining Swipe Out Hunger’s grassroots volunteer programme with the ability to donate meals through the GET CBORD Student mobile app will have a transformative impact in the quest to eradicate food insecurity on campuses nationwide.”

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