Strayer University extends hybrid campus scheme

An American institution, Strayer University has continued to expand its hybrid campus programme, which is designed to provide working adults enrolled online with convenient access to drop-in services such as success coaches, admissions officers, and support staff. The university has launched its twentieth hybrid-style campus in Killeen, Texas, and has confirmed plans for more such developments.

Known for its rich history of serving non-traditional students online and at more than 70 campuses nationwide, the university has launched hybrid campuses in 20 cities across nine states through a combination of seven new campus openings, eleven renovations, and two campus relocations over the past two years.

“While online learning has transformative potential, distance learners still benefit immensely from a sense of community, peer networking and support services historically equated with the on-campus experience,” said Cale Holman, Chief Academic Officer and Provost of Strayer University. “Through this work, our goal is to eliminate the false choice between the very best of online and the best of in-person services by creating café style campus models that foster community and deliver support resources tailored to the needs of working and online learners.”

Strayer’s unique approach also offers coaching, academic services, and courses designed to meet the gaps in student support that online students and working adults sometimes encounter.

The hybrid campuses feature collaborative spaces, similar to co-working offices, for students to study, work and meet with peers and faculty, in locations that are conveniently located in downtown, metropolitan areas. Students can also access extended networking and career development opportunities, including resume-building workshops, interview prep sessions, and other mentoring opportunities.

Strayer students who live near a campus complete their courses and continue into their next terms at higher rates than students who do not live near a campus.

“This is about putting ourselves in the shoes of our students, to create an experience that reflects their aspirations and a support network that puts them on a path to better outcomes,” said Latrissa Jacobs, Strayer University Campus Director, Fort Worth, Texas. “When online students have access to not only convenient support services, but a community, we can help them tackle challenges that come their way inside – and out of – the classroom.”

Strayer University offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees through its in-person and online programs. Academic programs range from business administration, criminal justice, education, information technology, and public administration, among many others. Strayer University has more than 70 campuses nationwide and enrolls more than 50,000 students.

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