Opportunities offered by integrated training

“We want to give young people the opportunity to individually shape their future. At the same time, we would like to meet the foreseeable shortage of skilled workers with our differentiated offer of training.”

For Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex, these are the main reasons why the company, which specialises in logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, consumer electronics and other high-end sensitive goods sectors, employs around 35 trainees and students each year. Currently, 17 young women and men have embarked on a multi-year training scheme at trans-o-flex or are due to commence an integrated degree programme in October. Four trainees who have successfully completed their training have been taken on in permanent positions.

“Today, in logistics, young people have access to a wide range of training opportunities that offer them highly interesting prospects also in the long term.”

In the last five years, trans-o-flex has taken on up to 80% of trainees in permanent employment. Many former trainees now work in management positions at trans-o-flex.

“But good training is not just the result of targeted talent management,” said Albeck. “As a company, we also see a social commitment in supporting excellent training. After all, the integrated degree system is one of the success factors of the economy in Germany.”

trans-o-flex’s trainee schemes include office management, freight forwarding and logistics services (with the additional qualification Logistics Assistant), IT specialists, warehouse logistics specialists as well as specialists for courier, express and postal services. These training courses usually start on the 1st August of each year. In addition, trans-o-flex employs students on integrated degree programmes starting in October 2018. During the three-year undergraduate degree programme, students receive a theoretical foundation at a university and deepen their knowledge in practical phases within the company. trans-o-flex offers degree programmes in information technology, business informatics as well as business administration with special focus on forwarding, transport and logistics.

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