Culturelle Kids Probiotics invests in outdoor play

Research indicates that providing kids access to unstructured, outdoor playtime offers crucial benefits to their cognitive, emotional, and physical health development.Check out The Crucial Role of Recess in School, at, to read about the incidence and consequences of exercise in educational environments.

However, many school-aged children do not exercise enough. With that in mind, Culturelle Kids is bringing outdoor play back to the schoolyard with its Project Playground initiative.

In the United States of America, it is currently conducting a search for one school in need of a brand-new playground.
To support the Project Playground program, the probiotic brand has joined forces with KaBOOM!, an American non-profit dedicated to giving all kids the childhood they deserve through great, safe places to play. Schools, parents and administrators across the USA are invited to enter their school for a chance to win a new playground by completing a brief application on

“Project Playground is an extension of Culturelle Kids’ core values to help keep kids healthy, to keep kids feeling like kids,” stated Nicole Bourdeau, senior brand manager for Culturelle Kids. “We are thrilled to invest in Project Playground because we see it as an investment in our communities and our kids’ futures.”

Beyond the physical health benefits, research suggests there is a positive connection between physical fitness and academic performance. According to paediatrician and child health expert Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, unstructured outdoor play aids children’s behavioral development and social skills as well.

“Navigating playground equipment during unstructured play is important because it helps teach children social norms, such as learning to take turns amongst their peers,” she said. “Getting kids outside and running around is an important component of whole-child wellness. Outdoor play offers the added benefit of adding fresh air and sunshine to physical activity, which is a powerful way to help them maintain a healthy immune system.”

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