Coding resources for schools, created by LEGO Education

LEGO Education, which offers playful learning experiences and teaching solutions based on the LEGO system of bricks, now also offers resources designed for teachers and students to explore coding – including free lesson plans and online courses for teachers.

wp-image-1025882959“The job market for careers requiring coding skills is growing faster than nearly any other sector, yet a majority of students today aren’t given the opportunity to learn computer programming,” said Esben Stærk Jørgensen, president of LEGO Education. “At LEGO Education, we’re focused on sparking students’ curiosity in coding, and across all STEM subjects, and then nurturing and sustaining that interest throughout their education by delivering playful learning experiences that bring subjects to life in the classroom and make learning fun and impactful. Fostering these important skills among today’s youth will teach our leaders of tomorrow that anyone can code and release their potential to shape their own future.”

Teachers can now freely access a wide range of lesson plans to help spark curiosity, engagement and collaboration using LEGO bricks and LEGO Education solutions in their classroom. LEGO Education lesson plans, created by and for teachers, are filtered by duration, difficulty level, subject, grade level and product. More lesson plans will be added this school year, as well as increased workflow interoperability with leading digital learning platforms.

Teachers can also access courses to take them from beginner to classroom-ready in successfully integrating LEGO Education solutions into existing STEM curriculum and daily lesson planning. Through the LEGO Education Academy, free online learning courses are available for some LEGO Education solutions and are designed to help teachers enhance the student experience and learning effectiveness while using LEGO Education solutions. A selection of these courses are now available on the Microsoft Educator Community. The Microsoft Educator Community is an online community where educators can connect and collaborate, find training and lessons, take their classes on virtual field trips, and earn badges and certificates on a personalised hub created for educators by educators.

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