Qualification and competence from SLP for Kenyan biomass producers

Progress through the exchange of know-how and experiences – with this goal in mind Walter Danner, founder And CEO of Snow Leopard Projects (SLP), spoke at the 2017 Biogas Africa Forum held recently in Nairobi, Kenya. SLP specialises in building high-performance anaerobic digestion (AD) plants, which break down micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen to produce renewable energy and nutrient-rich biofertiliser.

Mr Danner presented details of the develoPPP-project, which was initiated by SLP in early 2016. The project‘s goal is to set a foundation on which the independent advancement of the kenyan biogas branch can build on. In cooperation with Kenyan Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) and Sequa gGbmH, SLP is educating Kenyan specialists about biogas technologies. After completing the project, the qualified biogas trainers will be able to apply their knowledge and to pass it on locally.

According to the principle of competence development, these qualification measures should increase the sustainable and economic use of biogas as a regenerative form of energy in East Africa. By providing expert knowledge on-site, local energy supplies and economis should improve in Kenya.

The main goal of Snow Leopard Projects is to sensitise people to the benefits of biogas technologies. The SLP wants to motivate communities and professionals to learn about these technologies and to gain the competence to denvelop and deliver biogas projects effectively and efficiently. This was the core message of Walter Danner’s presentation.

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