Stocksigns advises summer safety sign audit

British signage provider Stocksigns recommends that the summer holiday is the ideal time for schools to carry out their safety sign audit whilst buildings, grounds and car parks are easily accessible. The company has been working with schools for over sixty years, building up an understanding of the unique challenges faced by teachers and local authorities.

Danny Adamson, managing director of Stocksigns Group, which is based in Surrey, said, “It is essential to check that all school signage is present, in good condition and conforms to current ISO 7010 legislation. While it isn’t yet a requirement to change all existing signs to the new versions, advice is not to mix signage from different legislative standards. Best practice recommends, if changes or additions are needed, for all signage to be updated to the most recent standard. Our survey and installation team is on hand to offer advice.”

Stocksigns has introduced some helpful guidelines for schools to get the best from their signage.

  • School Identity: Many schools throughout the UK are changing, moving from first and middle schools to ‘through’ primaries or becoming academies. Signage is an effective way to communicate new school identity messages.
  • Information and wayfinding: Stocksigns also offers a large range of school information signs to clearly mark areas around school premises such as classrooms, libraries, entrances and offices. Simple and effective wayfinding systems will help new students orientate themselves quickly. School information signage can also help teach organisational skills by clearly marking storage areas.
  • Security: Increasing security signage to school grounds or buildings over the summer holiday can assist in keeping school property vandalism free.
  • Signage Condition: Safety signs over time can become dirty, damaged or illegible with environmental factors playing a role in their condition such as in areas of high traffic. All safety signage should be kept clear, clean and easily read.

Stocksigns provides primary school signs as standard in dark blue, green, light blue or red. It can also create customised signage in individual school colours, school logo or any specialist design.

For a school safety sign audit, Stocksigns offers a full site survey and installation service. A site survey manager and installation crew can visit the school site to specify complete signage needs and expertly install signs once they are ready.

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